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If you’ve ever tried traditional business planning you find out quickly it’s just as exciting as poking long hot sticks in your eyeball… really ! Well, enter Lemonade Stand Simple. It’s more than just a simplified business planning tool. It teaches you how to think like a seasoned entrepreneur as well. The journey from your idea to main street is made “Lemonade Stand Simple”. The 2017 Digital edition (coming real soon) will help you to really think through your idea. That course will launch in early January 2017 – HERE. It’s more a strategic planning tool than a business planner. It includes numerous updates, embedded audio and the ability to complete it all in the comfort of your home, right on the conference room rrr… kitchen table! Lemonade Stand Simple is designed around a simple question and answer format. The program has been used successfully by high-schoolers, college students and retirees – it’s meant to be fun.

Author and Entrepreneur – Dan Nichols

What really makes it so powerful is¬† the “virtual audio coach”. Business Launch Expert and author of Lemonade Stand Simple, Dan Nichols created this to make you feel comfortable in the planning phase – no matter what the idea. With the virtual audio coach it will be just like having a $500 an hour business coach standing over your shoulder and walking you through each of the 7 sections of Lemonade Stand Simple.


When you finish the plan you’ll be better prepared than nearly all your fellow entrepreneurs — except of course those that planned with Lemonade Stand Simple…

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